When to plant?
Now! - is when to plant. It is only getting later;  time only moves in one direction!  DO NOT WAIT!!!!!   They will always do better planted now than at any time later in the future, you will have a head start!  If you are reading this earlier in the season (such as August-October), DO NOT POSTPONE buying and planting!!!   FORGET THAT IDIOTIC GARBAGE ABOUT NOT PLANTING THESE UNTIL NOVEMBER--that is BULL--these do NOT need soil cooling like regular daffodils and other Dutch bulbs do--ERASE from your memory EVERYTHING you have been taught by the Dutch about bulbs when it comes to planting these--plant them in late summer or very early autumn, the earliest varieties will start blooming by mid-late autumn and the others will continue throughout the winter, with the season more or less DONE right about when your calendar starts to say "SPRING"!!!  

IF you are in COLD areas, and are afraid they will be slaughtered by severe winter freezing if they start into leaf or flower growth in the fall, then, at your discretion, based upon experience with regular daffodils and other "fall-planted" bulbs, you may wait to plant them as late as you like, HOWEVER, you must still BUY them early (Sept-late October) or they either won't be available any longer or it will take me forever to get around to your order since the flower season is FULLY UNDERWAY here by the end of October, and that is a relentless slavedriver, Nature has NO SYMPATHY for us as individuals, the flowers will not slow down their production for me to catch up with picking them--this is like a factory that has no emergency "kill" switch, and no shutting down the facility for the weekend or holidays either, only humans in indoor urban jobs have the luxury of weekends, farms NEVER do!

SO--is it ever too early to plant? NEVER! Just ask yourself where the bulbs would be right now if you had planted them last year!!  (These bulbs never have to be taken up for storage.) Bulbs store best in the soil, which is of course their natural habitat, so the sooner you plant them, the better they will do. Even sitting there in dry ground. No need to water them until September or October. Even then you can wait until the rains come if you wish, it's just that once September arrives they are ready to make new roots if the opportunity should arise by being watered--regardless of soil cooling or the lack thereof.

Early purchasing allows you the best selection of varieties to choose from, and an advantage to planting them soon after purchase is that it eliminates the risk that you will forget to plant them at all!

Copyright by Bill the Bulb Baron