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Bright Spot

This is Bright Spot (Matador X redcup daffodil probably), formerly known as A16/1. Quite distinct from other Matador crosses, being closer to the poeticus or Division 3 redcup daffodil types. 1 - 3 large florets (up to 2-1/2") of very heavy substance, creamy white with blazing orange-red cups, on very tall, strong stems.

Often gives a second crop of stems later in the season. Main crop of stems appears in late February/early March here (here being the central California coast), slightly ahead of Matador and most others of redcup coloration. Very vigorous grower and excellent increaser. Should have good cold hardiness given its apparent large dose of redcup daffodil or poeticus in its ancestry. Good for wet or dry locations. Fertile pollen.

Bright Spot was developed by the noted daffodil and iris hybridizer Sid DuBose of Stockton, California, then named and registered by Bill the Bulb Baron.

Copyright 2003 by Bill the Bulb Baron