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Chinese Sacred Lily

This is the "Chinese Sacred Lily", also known as Single Chinese. With its natural origin in the semi-desert regions of the Middle East, this variety is ideally adapted to naturalizing without irrigation, even in the driest soils. Even in dry years, there should be enough natural rainfall to bring them into bloom by the end of January, if not sooner. In irrigated garden situations it will flower as early as late October or November, but it flowers best if left dry in the summer to flower at its natural time in the winter.

A rapid multiplier, making numerous stems once it is established, having 8 - 12 flowers per stem, white with orange-yellow centers. These have what many consider the best scent of any variety, different from any other and quite unlike the scent of the Paper Whites. Often seen as a permanent feature of old gardens, having been brought to California in the 1800's by Chinese immigrants who used it in their New Year celebrations.

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