Early Pearl

Golden Dawn

Early Cheer (Erlicheer)

This is "Erlicheer", also known as Early Cheer. The most numerous variety I grow, this has a gorgeous globular cluster of 15 - 20 flowers of white with light yellow centers, each is a neat little double flower reminiscent of a rose or gardenia. Very pleasantly fragrant and long-lasting, both on the plant and as a cut flower. A very heavy bloomer. Once established, this can also be naturalized on a permanent basis, where it will flower spectacularly in February and March. A proven performer, as it is simply the double-flowered mutation of the old Grand Primo, commonly seen in old gardens in California and many other parts of the world.

This can also take summer watering with particular ease, so is suited to use in professionally landscaped situations, where annuals are planted over the bulbs during the summer dormant period. The leaves will emerge again in the late autumn, with flowering in December and January. This is the most popular commercial cut flower variety I grow. Note also the long flowering season the variety is capable of, depending upon when it first receives irrigation or rainfall to bring it back into growth each year.

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