Golden Rain

Golden Dawn

Easily the heaviest producer of flowers and one of the fastest increasers of anything I grow, this variety puts up an entire second crop of stems as the first ones are fading. Flowering here begins in mid-February, continuing until about the first of April. Flowers are larger than on the earlier varieties, and of a rich yellow with light orange cups, in clusters of 5 - 8 on tall strong stems.

This is a hybrid of the cluster narcissus type crossed with the Spanish jonquil, from which it inherits its reblooming ability as well as its naturally small bulb size and narrow foliage. Also from the jonquil comes its unique and heavenly scent, and its ability to flower well even from very young offset bulbs. Golden Dawn can be both naturalized in a dry-summer situation, or grown where irrigated including when overplanted with summer annuals during the dormant season, making it, like Erlicheer and Avalanche, ideal for professionally landscaped situations, and one of the best all-around varieties in existence.

Copyright 2003 by Bill the Bulb Baron