Grand Primo

Liquid Sun

Lemon Cups

LEMON CUPS--the outstanding scent of this variety is its most noteworthy characteristic, standing out among the other varieties it is one that customers at the farmers' markets always want me to include a few stems of in their bunches. The tall, strong, well-ribbed stem also makes this an excellent flower for cutting. January blooming here, it has 8-12 florets per stem, opening white with a deep lemon cup, looking at first like a more slender form of Avalanche, then the color becomes lighter with age so it more closely resembles Grand Primo, but is definitely earlier blooming than either of these two varieties. An excellent multiplier, and a healthy vigorous drought-resistant plant that naturalizes well. Routinely found mixed in with bulbs of Omri imported from Israel, it was possibly hybridized there as I detect some characteristics in common with the wild form of N. tazetta whch is native there, including the type of scent and the prominent ribbing of the stem.

Copyright 2003 by Bill the Bulb Baron