N. x intermedius
(Michael Salmon form)

Nicole's Favorite

New Glory

New Glory photo
This cross of Newton X Ziva rockets into flower within a few weeks of first autumn rain and is the earliest of my introductions so far. Should be excellent for forcing. Carrying 8-12 florets per stem, there are up to 6 stems from a large bulb, due in part to its tendency to have secondary stems.

Though similar in ancestry to the various bicolored or two-tone pale yellow Israeli cultivars, this is far more floriferous and quicker to come into bloom. White florets with pale yellow cup, somewhat resembling Grand Primo but with larger florets. Stems are strong ribbed, and fairly tall. Very rapid increaser typical of the sterile hybrid that it is. The very short-necked bulbs and narrow leaves closely resemble those of Ziva. Nicely scented.

New Glory was developed and registered by Bill the Bulb Baron.

Copyright 2003 by Bill the Bulb Baron