Silver Chimes

Paper Whites

Paper Whites - traditionally offered for sale are clonal varieties such as Ziva or Galilee, meaning all plants are derived by bulb increase from one original bulb, often hundreds of years ago. My Paper Whites, however, are seed grown, so they vary from one bulb to the next in time of bloom thus making flowers from November on into February, prolonging the season beyond that which is normally expected of Paper Whites. Plants also vary slightly in shape and size of flowers, width of leaves, etc. but all are the famous pure icy white in color throughout, as is unique to Paper Whites. A very vigorous family of Paper Whites. If the old flowers are left on the plant, these will naturally set seed pods, each containing several round black seeds which can be sown in the autumn, making an interesting demonstration of how some varieties can also be grown from true seeds, resulting in small bulbs which will reach flowering size in 3-4 years. These will vary in the manner seen in the parental plants, or other ancestral types may show up.

Copyright 2003 by Bill the Bulb Baron